The Next Rule Change the AFL Should Make


I consider myself a staunch AFL traditionalist. And given how traditional it has been for the AFL to tinker with the rules of our great game it is without shame that I submit a proposal for consideration. West Coast Club legend John Worsfold was laughed out of town when he raised the idea of zoning; where three players from each team would have to remain in each forward 50 arc. I agree with the majority of opinion that this specific proposal is a bad idea. This is mainly due to the fear that we would be slowly turning our great game, the symbol of the Aussie male machismo, into something resembling Netball. However within Worsfold’s proposal is the germ of a good idea. What if the three was simply reduced to one? What if there had to be just one player from each team in each forward 50 at all times? I believe that this would be a winner of a rule change for five reasons:

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