Steph Curry’s Only Flaw

Steph Curry is the most popular basketball player in the world right now.

At the moment he can do no wrong. The reigning MVP of the league has just had the best shooting regular season of all time and under Andrew Bogut’s great leadership has helped the Golden State Warriors to 73 wins, the best record in NBA history

His popularity is assisted by the perception that his game is theoretically replicable by the mere mortals watching him in the stands and on the TV because he isn’t overly athletic or a seven foot monstrosity. In other words, we can dream about being like him and the dream remains semi believable!

This darling of the league is so beloved that most NBA fans have adopted the Warriors as at least their second favourite team, and are happy to see them win. All this despite the fact that they have already won a championship last season. They are not yet seen as a tall poppy deserving of being cut down. It seems the good will towards this team is so strong that Steph Curry and his Warriors could win two or three more before the grumbles about them would get loud enough for anyone to hear this side of the black stump.

But Steph Curry is undeserving of this uncritical adulation normally reserved for North Korean dictators.

Why? Because he openly insults almost everyone on the planet.

Take what he says in this video (and in many post game interviews):

There are two things wrong with what he says here which show why people need leave the conga line of sycophants waiting for their turn to lick his arse:

  1. He thinks the court is his pulpit

Curry openly admits that his little gesture he often makes after a successful field goal is a message to those watching that he is playing with and for god. This self confessed proselytising is a grievous breach of the sacred principle known as the ‘Separation of Church and Sport’.

The problem here isn’t that Curry is religious. There’s no problem with that. If you want to be a card carrying member of the happy clappy, bible thumping, writhing on the floor when a sweaty middle aged white guy with a bad haircut touches your forehead crowd, be my guest. Just keep that crap out of the sporting arena.

2. He claims his talent is a blessing from god

We’ve all heard the childhood insult, ‘When god was handing out brains, you misheard and thought he said trains, so you asked for a slow one’. Most of us responded to this with a half hearted guffaw and moved on with our lives. Steph Curry has obviously taken the concept that God gave us all of our abilities as a literal truth.

He asserts that the praise for his basketball talents (of which there is plenty) should be directed to God. This might seem a rather benign and perhaps even admirably humble position to make, but I am here to tell you it is more despicable than a half drunk can of emu export.

Here’s three reasons why:

For starters it underplays the many hours of training and practice that HE has done HIMSELF without any divine intervention.

It also fails to give due credit to his parents (or to be more specific the cheap bottle of passion pop that Dell plied to open Sonya’s legs 29 years ago) and the genetic lottery he won by being their son. To illustrate, even his brother who got the crappy leftover genes after Steph was made is good enough to play in the NBA.

More importantly, if it was god that blessed him with his basketball talent then logic dictates that god chose not to bless the rest of us with said talent. Curry is basically apologetically acknowledging that God simply didn’t like the rest of us quite as much. And what about people that are born retarded, the physically deformed, holocaust victims, or Sacramento fans? Curry clearly believes that God must really fucking hate those people.

So I have two messages:

To the vast majority of you: dispense with the illusion that Curry is perfect and worthy of your unquestioning adoration.

And to Steph Curry: stop being a cunt.